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By PGA of America

Published: Wednesday, January 08, 2014 | 1:06 p.m.

There’s a cultural force that’s starting to brew in youth golf.

Movement … action … athletic motion … and, yes, making some noise! They’re all taking hold, for kids of all ages who are interested in getting involved in golf.  By blending tradition with progressive attitudes, we’re getting kids excited about golf, and most importantly, keeping them in the game.

Let’s face it … kids want to participate in an activity that’s fun, social and cool.  PGA Junior League Golf is just that.  This new format appeals to them because they get to compete in games with teammates, make new friends and begin learning an awesome game.  PGA Junior League Golf creates an ideal atmosphere for bringing kids into golf and, hopefully, making them lifelong golfers.

And that’s great news for parents.  Surveys make it clear that moms, dads and guardians want their kids to be social, exercise regularly, and participate in structured activities.  Parents also want to spend more time with their kids and be involved in their lives.  PGA Junior League Golf can check all those boxes.

The golf course can be a wonderful place to spend time with the ones you love – whether it’s watching your kids compete in PGA Junior League Golf or spending a couple of hours playing golf with them on a Saturday afternoon.  Get away from all of the world’s distractions and connect on a deeper level with your kids.  Have family fun on the golf course.

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